Donna Benton: Founding Member

Donna Benton


Donna Benton has assisted Buyers and Sellers on the Westside since 1988. Originally from Virginia she has lived on the Westside since 1981. Over the years she has received numerous Top Producer awards. Being a good listener allows her to assist her clients in obtaining their goals. In 2003 she was able to expand her expertise with the purchase of a commercial property. Buying that property and managing it has given her the insight to advise her clients outside of the personal residence arena. She has weathered many different markets by becoming more educated and knowledgeable to different factors that affect the economy and real estate. Donna has become a top negotiator, and over the years has been able to determine the best course for her clients during the escrow period. By working with her clients she can identify trends and anticipate changes in the marketplace that will benefit her clients. These factors are the reasons why over 50% of her business is from referrals or satisfied clients.

She is personally connected to Los Angeles by being involved with the Santa Monica Conservancy, tutoring through the Santa Monica Library, cleaning the beach with Heal the Bay. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Conservancy, The Co-Opportunity Market in Santa Monica. The Friends of Griffith Observatory and the Mar Vista Historical Society. Other memberships include Tree People, The Audubon Society and the Westside Business Professionals Group. She is now studying for her ECoBroker Certification and is presently certified with Quality Service Certification. A long time interest in conservation and sustainability has helped her transform her home into a toxic free dwelling. Since 1997 she has participated in the Revlon Run/Walk and collected funds from numerous donors. This stems from her best friend contracting two cancers in a short period of time and her brother having cancer. “I believe that we all know someone’s life that has been affected by cancer. Outside of real estate she has studied Horticulture at UCLA. This has proven helpful to clients that have questions regarding landscaping.

Clients and other agents are always inquiring about service people in her little black book that she has complied over the years. She constantly updates it by adding or deleting, depending on service rendered- “If someone has a few bad service records, I will remove them. If I hear of an outstanding new service person I will talk with them and see if they will work in my system.” Another factor that makes Donna invaluable to her clients.

Donna also stages events for her clients such as a Day and Night at the Griffith Observatory, Ashes and Snow tour and pool parties.

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